Suggestions re printouts and exchanging recipes, plus a bug

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Suggestions re printouts and exchanging recipes, plus a bug

Postby billvelek » Fri Jan 19, 2007 11:22 am

I just noticed that the BTP printout includes mineral additions under the "Water" listing in the Ingredients section; I have commented in another thread that mineral additions should also appear on the "screen" listing of ingredients, but I have different issues/suggestions to discuss here.

If I load a recipe from another author, and I presume that this would include water profile info (if not, I think it should), then his/her mineral additions are meaningless without knowing if my beginning water profile matches the author's profile. While I think any water "additions" should still appear on the printout under ingredients, as they do now for purposes of working in the kitchen/brewery, I also think that some sort of other info should be listed on either the printout or on the main session screen -- perhaps in the 'general' section at the top of the window. It could be nothing more than something as simple as "Pilsen water" to flag the user that another author's recipe is based, in part, on a particular water profile.

My second suggestion is that in the Carbonation section of the printout, where it has "priming agent mass", it should also identify the primer, or at least list the particular priming ingredient in the 'Ingredients' list -- debiting it from 'Inventory' or indicating that it needs to be purchased, etc.

Finally, and I think that this is VERY important, I just scaled a recipe from 10 gallons down to 5 gallons. All of the ingredients were cut in half, HOWEVER, the mineral additions, as appearing on my printout were NOT. I think that's probably a bug that needs to be fixed.

Just my two cents.


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