WLP400 filtration and carbonation ???

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WLP400 filtration and carbonation ???

Postby bredmakr » Thu Feb 14, 2002 3:21 am

Fermentation is almost complete on my Belgian Witbier. Because I bumped it up a few notches it should end up around 7-7.5% abv (1.068 O.G.). I checked out the White Labs specs on the yeast I used (Belgian Wit Ale Yeast - WLP400) and noticed that they recommend the beer be filtered when using this yeast. Well, I currently don't have the necessary equipment to do this. If I don't filter what are possible influences on the final product? Are there any easy and quick solutions, and if I were to filter when is the best time? Between fermentation and secondary or secondary and kegging/bottling? Also, I noticed that the yeast is tolerant up to 8% abv. If it ferments well and the beer is 7.5% abv would it still be possible to carbonate the beer in a keg or bottle with a primer or would the alcohol content be too high and best to force carbonate? I have equipment to do either. I am sending the same content to White Labs. Thanks in advance!
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