LB, wasn't S.A. fun!

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LB, wasn't S.A. fun!

Post by Brewer2001 » Sat Dec 07, 2002 11:50 pm


Two quick stories: A night to try and forget in S.A. and an under aged professional brewer/collector.

First story: While my step father was employed by an airline (no names please) and stationed in Jedda I went over for "Christmas". I ate more ham than normal, visited with an English woman and her two daughters (oh I forgot to mention, she was married to a Saudi) drank top shelf scotch to complement the Dainish ham sandwich they fixed me and attended on hell of a post "Christmas" party.
Those boys from KC know how to party! I drank 10,12......glasses of "Saddiqui" and Coke, having a great time. One problem I had to catch the 4:45 out of town! Two, three or maybe six "sheets to the wind" I had to clear immigration (what could they do, I was leaving anyway). I do remember sneeking on to the field through the hanger and onto the plane, That was the last time I visited the Kingdom (1977).

Second story: While I was finishing my brewing course we met the assistant brewer at the Sacramento Brewing Company. During lunch we noticed that he was not drinking the samples that we tapped during our filtering run. We asked him why? He replied that he was only 19 and could not legally drink but he did mention that he had a collection of Sierra Nevada Big Foot ale that dated back 12 years. Go figure.

I started drinking beer (commercial) at 14, I wish I had started brewing then.

I hope you get a laugh and keep brewing!

Good brewing,

Tom F.

Liquid Blur
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Brewer 2001

Post by Liquid Blur » Sun Dec 08, 2002 5:12 pm

Yeah Saudi was a blast. I didn't get to see much of the culture since I was stuck at PSAB(Prince Sultan Air Base) and all of the stuff that's been going on in the last year. I hope to visit again sometime. Hopefully the attitude towards americans will be a bit more laxed. I love the idea of brewing underage. I visit The Brew Hut in aurora, Colorado. The guy who owns the store asked me and my friend one day if we were of age. We looked at each other and laughed. Said, "Hell no!" The guy started laughing so hard it was really funny. He went on to tell us a story about him talking to his lawyer about the legalities of selling brewing equipment and ingredients to minors. LOL. I for one think if I can be put in a situation where I may be killed for my country I should be able to have a beer if I want to. Anyway, Take it easy. LB

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