Budweiser American Ale

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Budweiser American Ale

Post by Benjamin1c » Mon Jan 03, 2011 4:43 pm

Every once in a while, a mainstream commercial brew will come out with its attempt at a "craft brew", perhaps in an attempt to reach out to the growing niche of pickier drinkers and homebrewers, of which I am both :-)

Budweiser American Ale, I don't remember, but I think has been out for some time. On a lark, I finally grabbed a sixer last night. Anyone else?

Nowadays, there are always the higher end options like Dogfish Head, Fat Tire, or Sierra Nevada, plus a plethora of local microbrews in virtually any decent liquor store these days. I always wonder if the Buds, and Coors, and Michelob's etc... can potentially put something out there that can compete.

So, my amateurish review of our "American Ale": note, this is not labeled as "pale" or "amber" ale, though the coloration itself would indicate the latter. These terms, after all, have become indicative of specific styles in the microbrew world, with expected characteristics.
There is virtually no hop aroma, and mild bitterness. The overall impression I get is slightly malty, rich caramel character (again, consistent with an amber ale), and good mouth feel.

With no noticeable hop aroma or flavor, definitely unlike your usual pales and ambers, but with rich caramel sweet character, and a strong fruity character, this is almost like its own style. The strong fruity, estery character (almost plum like) was most remarkeable to me, I'm not even sure which other yeast strain I could compare it too. Its likely a house strain.
Basically, an attempt at introducing an ale to your usual mainstream BUD and BUD Light drinkers.

I don't think I'd actually choose this OVER a fat tire, or dogfish head, nonetheless, it was a pleasant surprise, at a better price than most microbrews.

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