micro brews and hops

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micro brews and hops

Post by dougms46 » Tue Dec 01, 2009 5:40 am

Around the end of July I brewed a little over 10 gal. of octoberfest ! 10 gal.
went into kegs and a little over a gallon in bottles . I brought the bottles to
a thanks giving party and it was really good . This inspired me to sample
some local micro brews . I was craving an octoberfest and Snoqualmie river
brewing had one . I was expecting a mouth full of malty goodness ! what
I got was another over hoped micro . Since I live in Yakima WA. sort of
pacific northwest hop meca , I know what hops smell and taste like. So my question is why do micro brewers do this? It seems as if they are trying to
cover for poor quality malt . The bottle and their web site said an IBU of 24.
I would put it at 35-40. What do you think?

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Post by Suthrncomfrt1884 » Wed Dec 02, 2009 8:45 pm

I doubt they're lying about the IBU's. I brewed an amber awhile back that calculated out to 27IBU's but tasted more like an IPA.

My opinion on this matter is that hopheads and the huge sale increase in IIPA's is causing brewers to cater to the masses. People want more hops, so they're overhopping just about every style. I would tried to talk to the brewer and asked his reasoning behind it.
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Post by The Professor » Wed Jan 06, 2010 10:37 pm

Most American microbrew Oktoberfest beer is crap...overhopped and overdone.

I am not a 'style nazi' by any means, but these days folks do play fast and loose with tradition regarding these styles. brewpubs seem to be the worst offenders (and make the worst beer).

Unfortunately, it's true that a whole new faction of brewer and beer lover has emerged that believes that a beer has to be overloaded with everything to be worthy.

In this new renaissance of beer, balance is unfortunately truly becoming a lost art.

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