Bad Bottle Flavor?

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Bad Bottle Flavor?

Post by dirtfish » Thu Sep 26, 2002 10:57 am

Recently I baked a batch of bottles to try and solve a recurring foaming/overcarbonation problem. I had an oven full of half Grolsch swing tops and half New Belgium 12 oz. bottles and baked at 320 for an hour. The bottles all had aluminum foil over their mouths. Prior to baking, I soaked in bleach solution and rinsed. The beer in the NBB bottles tastes great, the swing tops taste and smell like chemicals-. Any ideas? (BTW-I discovered that newer Grolsch bottles have PLASTIC caps, not porcelain-don't bake unless you know its porcelain.)

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Why baking?

Post by Brewer2001 » Thu Sep 26, 2002 9:51 pm

You need to clean, rinse and disinfect the bottles. Cleaning to remove the yeast caked on the glass. I suspect that the Grolsch bottles contained more yeast residue than the NB. I have stopped using bleach! I bought a container of 5 Star PBW for cleaning and use Star San for disinfecting. You can let the Star San dry on the bottles and all of your equipment prior to use. As for the taste and smell, I suspect that the chlorine combined with the malt tanins to produce a clorophenol compound (smells like Bandaids or plastic).

Omit the chlorine, clean your bottles well (don't bake them) discard any that are stained or have an odor and check all of your cleaning and sanitization proceedures. If you are not adding too much priming sugar you have a bacterial infection that is moving with your brews.

Good brewing.

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Post by littlehop » Wed Sep 21, 2005 11:39 am

don't foget to replace the rubber gaskets on grolsh bottles if they are the least bit old they can get brittle and can be almost impossible to sanitise. oh yeah don't foget to sanitise them also, don't try to sanitise them on the bottle remove them so nothing can hide between the rubber and the top.Baking bottles is DANGEROUS !
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