4th time brewing IPA

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4th time brewing IPA

Post by LawDawg05023 » Wed May 11, 2011 10:07 pm

Ok, I sunday I placed my 4th IPA in the primary. I Brewed the original recipe I had the frist two times, then tweeked the recipe these last two times. I must say It's getting better everytime I try it. However I have one problem and one question.

First the problem, my O.G. is lower everytime I brew it. Understand I mash, and sparage the same way everytime. But the first O.G. was 1.070, 2nd 1.062, 3rd 1.056, 4th 1.052. I take my reading after the boil around 65-70. I have only ADDED grains to the recipe, not removed them.

Now the question. How long can I leave IPA in the secondary before it becomes harmful to the beer? I have always done 2 weeks in the primary and 1 in the secondary. I was thinking of leaving it for 4 weeks total. 2-2
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Post by slothrob » Sat May 14, 2011 8:50 am

4 weeks will be fine. Just keep in mind that IPAs are going to have the brightest hop flavors and aromas when young, but another week in secondary isn't going to make much difference.

Your changing OG is due to changing mash efficiency. If you are buying your grains already crushed and keeping your method the same, then odds are that the crush of the grain is variable. Mashing longer or including an alpha amylase rest up around 158°F or so can help get the most from the grain.

You can use the chart here to determine if you mash has gone to completion, and the starch converted completely, from the gravity of the wort during the mash.
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