To ABG or not to ABG, that is the question!

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To ABG or not to ABG, that is the question!

Postby IrishRed » Tue Nov 12, 2002 7:45 pm

I am a bit new to this community, but I was hoping I could get your opinion on the American Brewer Guild. I was seriously thinking of going professional, and most of the roads lead back to the ABG. So I was hoping that you could give me your opinion (if you have one) about the ABG or other forms of professional education?
All opinions are welcome, just let me hear them...
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I am a Guildo...don't laugh.

Postby Brewer2001 » Tue Nov 12, 2002 11:39 pm


I graduated from the Guild class of summer 2000. I enjoyed the experience. We had a mixed class two pros, three almost pros and fifteen cross over types with varied backgrounds.

Here is how it goes:
You check the Guild web site for the class you would like to 'attend'. Steve Parkes requests a resume and sends you a questionare that he uses to determine your aptitude for the brewing trade.

When you are accepted you send a third of the tuition and they send you the books, for you to review. (If you are thinking of taking the course brush up on your algebra and chemistry.) The bulk of the video tapes soon follow. (I think there are 42 in all, I have to check.)
The group meets in a weekly chat (usually on Sunday, but could change) to review the past weeks assignments and share information. This continues for 21 week with 2 tests included (real fun). On the 22nd week you all meet in Sacramento for a week of hands on training, 'tasting', after school bonding and the final exam (the last Saturday we had a closed personal tour of Anchor Steam brewery).
During the class youshould start to compile a list of breweries where you will do a 5 week apprenticship. I worked with Dick Cantwell at his brewery here in Seattle (The Elysian). I worked hard learned a lot and had fun.

I am not employed in the trade at present but I am still trying. I have joined the Washington Brewers Guild to become more familiar with the local trade.

The course was good, long and sometimes difficult but I feel it was worth the effort. You need the time, money and the drive, if you have these you will do fine. This course is not Davis, Seibel (no longer in existance) or Heriot-Watt (Steve Parkes graduated from this school) but it is a good starting place.

Hope this helps.

Good brewing,

Tom Flanagan
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What's Seibel's deal?

Postby Gravity Thrills » Wed Nov 13, 2002 6:34 am

Tom, why did Seibel close its doors? Growing up in Chicago, you could see old black and white photos of Seibel graduating classes from like 75 years ago hanging up on the walls of the Berghoff Bar and other city drinking landmarks. It seems like if Davis can make a go of it Seibel should have been able to keep it up. A shame
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Postby Mesa Maltworks » Thu Nov 14, 2002 6:50 am

I don't know where you got your info, but Siebel is in operation. There was a brief period a bit over a year ago when they closed to settle a legal situation involving Alltech (a biotech/yeast producer) and Lallemand (yeast producer) both of which tried to take them over. The end result was that Lallemand got Siebel but Alltech had already taken 6 employees under contract. As soon as the legalities were over, they re-opened. They have since become stronger by allying with the world famous Doemens Brewing Academy in Germany and now offer courses at both campuses. ( )

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good news

Postby Gravity Thrills » Thu Nov 14, 2002 9:20 am

Great to hear the reports of the Institute's death "have been greatly exaggerated," to borrow from Twain. Now to start saving up for tuition money:-)
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