Turning to the Dark Side!

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Turning to the Dark Side!

Postby l48shark » Sun Nov 03, 2002 2:46 pm

[Evil Emperor Palpatine] Everything is proceeding exactly as I had foreseen it. (Evil laugh.)

My wife is now in the 8th month of our pregnancy and "The Beer Baby" will be here soon. (Due date is Christmas Day.) That means she has not had a beer in about 8 or 9 months and it is driving her to the point of insanity.

However, I would hardly call her previous choice of malted beverage "beer" as it was rarely anything more than your typical mass produced American light. In fact, the only homebrew she liked was my weizen and it took me a while to find something she would like. Bitterness was the usual complaint. But, given 3 trimesters without beer of any kind and suddenly anything seems good.

Every beer that she used to hate is suddenly delicious to her. (She will either smell it or take a tiny sip.) We were at the brewpub yesterday and I had a red ale that was extremely hoppy. I thought she would not like it despite her drought, but she thought it was pretty good. Weird.

So after she is finished nursing, etc., I will try to stay stocked up on nice dark, bitter beers and see if this will be a permanent change. Only thing standing in the way is that she wants to immediately drop back to her original weight and A-B just came out with the low-carb Mick Ultra. Well, may the best beer win. If I can get her to have a Guinness, I will claim victory. :) Wish me luck.

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Tastes Change

Postby BobbyK » Sun Nov 03, 2002 5:27 pm

When my wife was pregnant, her tastes changed. She couldn't stand Mexican food, now she loves it. She used to love coffee, now she doesn't drink it. Perhaps your wife will experience a similar change towards real beer that is permanent. You'll know for sure if she's at a bar one night and skips the Miller Lite in favor of a Black and Tan!
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Postby Freon12 » Mon Nov 04, 2002 3:36 pm

Except the due date is Dec. 31st.
She also will only partake of my Hefe.
Wierd huh?

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