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Adding ingredients

Post by Eeeza » Tue Nov 11, 2008 1:16 am

I'm a new guy using Beer Tools and I'm setting up my ingredients list etc. and planning a recipe.
When I go to add my water (a new profile of Melbourne tap water) to the recipe it doesn't allow me to. I.e. it just keeps jumping back to my (water) ingredients list.
Everything else adds perfectly, however without water, I can't get brewing.
What am I missing? Everything else seems reasonably straightforward.

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RE: Adding ingredients

Post by wottaguy » Fri Nov 14, 2008 8:25 am

Hi Eeeza,

I'm surprized that nobody has responded to your question.

We will need more information about the steps that you are taking to get your water profile added.

Here are the steps that I use:

If you are creating a new water profile, then you will need to open the Water Profile Editor which is under menu item Recipe/Water Chemistry or key CTRL H.

Once in the editor, you will need to click on the button on the top center that says NEW, then click on Water Profile.
A dialog will open which will ask you to input the water's characteristcs and name.

Once you are finished entering this info, Click on the OK button on the bottom and another dialog will ask you whether to save the newly created water profile by Adding to Inventory or to save the water profile for later use. Click the option to Add to Inventory.
This will add your water profile to the My Ingredients/Water folder. To ADD your new recipe to the recipe, in the nav pane on the left, click on My Ingrediants to select, then WATER. Your new water profile will appear in the top browse window. RIGHT CLICK on it and on the options menu that appears, LEFT CLICK on ADD TO RECIPE. The Water Chemistry Editor will appear. Cilck DONE.

Finish creating your recipe and once finished, save it.

To Add to Shopping List:

In the Recipe Browser on the top, locate your recipe and Drag it to the PLANNED RECIPE folder. This will add your recipe ingrediants to the Shopping List and inside your shopping list you should be able to see your new water profile. (Under menu item WINDOW/Shopping List)

BTP will not allow you to add a water profile to the Ingrediant list main browse window that I know of, but rest assured that your new water profile is indeed part of your ingrediant list and shopping list, and you will have to edit it or view it in the Water Chemistry Editor.

Hope this helps!

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Post by Eeeza » Fri Nov 14, 2008 4:51 pm

Thanks wottaguy,
I kept dickin' around with it, and I reckon I've worked it out.
Pretty much as you've described.
I'll be brewing a Pils next week. At the moment I'm making my 4 lt starter. I presume that things like this need to be documented in the notes section of the recipe? Along with fermentation temp, conditioning time etc.?
It's a great tool for formulating recipes.
I'll be able to calibrate my vessels and burner on this next brew too.
Once I've done all that, do I save as a template? Does that mean that it's a "snapshot" of my brewery, and uses basically the same schedule/vessels each time?

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