Brew Day Success...!

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Brew Day Success...!

Post by wottaguy » Tue Nov 04, 2008 9:32 am

Well we had a great brew session last Saturday for the "Teach a Friend to Brew" celebration. We brewed 20 gallons of my APA and it went very smoothly! The entire session including clean-up took 8 hours. A lot better that I had hoped for. Hit all the numbers dead on too. My friend Bob took home 5 gallons, and I kept the rest. Fermentation is being conducted @ 67 degF and is currently winding down at this point.

The only issue we had was due to hot liquor transfers that seemed to take longer than we had anticipated, due to the small pumps that were being used. We had a tough time priming one of them, but we did get it going.

Would anyone have a decent source for pumps that can pump at a decent rate of flow (7 to 10 GPM) and be affordable? If so please let me know as I need to upgrade my pumps to be able to move things along faster. I am looking for a self priming, high temp (200 degF) pump.

You can see pics of the session on my blog (url under my profile). Feel free to comment too.


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