hops family tree?

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hops family tree?

Postby bredmakr » Wed Sep 11, 2002 4:55 am

does anyone know a good reference that contains something like a hops family tree? there are so many different varieties I have a hard time figuring out what is what.
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Hops on Pop

Postby Gravity Thrills » Wed Sep 11, 2002 5:30 am

If I remember correctly, the Steven Snyder Homebrewers' Bible has a good description of characteristics of a number of varieties, including pedigree. I'll look to make sure when I get home, but I think that's the book I recently saw that info in.

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Hop Varietal Specifications & Heritage...

Postby Mesa Maltworks » Wed Sep 11, 2002 7:43 am

The best guide I know of that is online and very comprehensive is available at:


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Wow what a site

Postby Azorean Brewer » Thu Sep 12, 2002 2:12 am

Eric, this is some good information, I didn't even know about this site, if you guys missed it read the above post "Hop Varietal Specifications & Heritage..." it's great ...

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