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Moderators and Spam

Post by billvelek » Fri Aug 24, 2007 10:39 am

The spam _REALLY_ irks me, and I've complained about it before. Is it not possible to set these forums up so that NO post gets through for NEW members until they are taken off of moderation? That's the way I have my Yahoo Groups set (see my signature, below), and it works just fine. I will be happy to volunteer my services as a moderator, at least for that purpose, because I end up looking at every new post anyway, so I might as well be previewing them to see if they are about porn or viagra or whatever. At least I'd be saving other members the aggravation. Frankly, one thing that upsets me about this is that it takes more time and trouble for me to mark a post here as read than it does for me to delete spam that I receive in my email, ... and the problem actually seems more persistent here, especially in light of this being a single venue. I'm really disappointed that this isn't already being handled here inasmuch as there are supposed to be moderators here already. What gives? I know that the posts are eventually removed, but not before I've had the inconvenience and aggravation of readying many of them first. If should be the opposite; the moderators should be reading them first -- at least for brand new members -- and then approving them for posting when they are confirmed as non-spam. Thanks.


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I agree 100%

Post by billd220 » Sat Aug 25, 2007 1:39 pm

I can't imagine that spam really works anyway...but they keep doing it. Its frustrating and annoying.

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