Is this alcohol???

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Is this alcohol???

Postby Chadman » Sat Mar 04, 2006 11:32 am

a while back i was experimenting with making soft drinks out of unusual ingredients. Probably the worst tasting was the one i made out of herbs i bought at a shop. Anyway, it turns out i left a small amount of this Concoction in an airtight bottle in a drawer in my room. I opened it a couple of days ago and was quite suprised when it fizzed up (the bottle was only about 1/5 full but the froth went up to about 2/3 of the bottle!) it doesn't smell alcoholic, but it does appear that something has been fermented. :?

What i did:

Boil herbs for 7 minutes in water

strain the herbs out (poorly)

add 2 teabags (remove after 3 minutes)

add sugar (plenty of it)

add robinsons fruit and barley squash

leave for months on end

enjoy (i only drunk a tiny bit to see if i could taste any alcohol)

It just hit me as i was writing this that the fruit and barly squash could actually be quite an important ingredient (1% barley flour) but i'm not sure... Can anyone tell me what this brew is? (and if i should drink any of it)

thanks :wink:
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