What Happened????

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Double IPA
Double IPA
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What Happened????

Post by Fraoch » Thu Jan 06, 2005 5:19 am


Been away for a while, but took a revisit to beertools to see what was happening and the forum is now so confusing that its lost me!!!
No doubt its pretty simple once you get there, but i dont really have the time or patience to go through it all. What happened????
never heard the saying :
if it aint broke then dont go fixing it????

Bye Bye,
Fraoch :cry:

Strong Ale
Strong Ale
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Hello froach

Post by jayhawk » Thu Jan 06, 2005 7:36 pm

I agree with you. See my previous post from October. <http://www.beertools.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1393>

The classic forum was much easier to scan. Too bad it is gone. I have also noticed a changing of the guard here as the gang that was around when I first joined has thinned considerably. Thrills, Stump, Freon, BillyBock...haven't heard from them for a while. Mesa and Azorean are still contributing, which is great, but there certainly is less of a community feel now with this format.

How is the brewing going?

Imperial Stout
Imperial Stout
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Azorean, Mesa, Jayhawk, Fraoch, et al

Post by BillyBock » Thu Jan 06, 2005 9:32 pm

Hi, folks...I've returned. I didn't get an opportunity to properly say back in May that I had to leave for a while. My hiatus was due to my tour of duty in a not-so-nice place in the world. But, that is done...at least for now. I got home in time for the holidays and was able to enjoy the serenity of my beloved Texas with my family. It's good to be home...

Everything's changed around the board. But the one thing that hasn't changed is my love affair with beer and brewing :D So I will be here to help those that need it and hopefully reconnect with my fellow comrades again. And yes, I'm back in the swing again...I brewed a Pilsner to commemorate my return.

Brew on!


Azorean Brewer
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Strong Ale
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Welcome Back everyone

Post by Azorean Brewer » Sun Jan 09, 2005 9:48 am

First off, Happy New years to you guys, I was wondering where everyone went off to.

I know what you guys mean about the new forum, I felt that way the first time it was revealed too. But not to worry, once you get used to it you will like it as much if not more than the old.

You have to understand the reason that the guys at beer tools changed was because the old forum was getting unmanageable. Jeff and Lathe, and everyone else had to make a choice.

There are some nice features with the new formun we never had before. Private messages, you can set it up so that you can check new posts since the last visit, which is my favorite, it will let you scan all of the topic heading quickly.

I know the old one let you jump right in and see all of the posts from the last 14 days ... but you will like this one in time.

Hey regardless great to have everyone back ... and Billy, glad that God brought you back in one piece. My buddy at work just got called up to active as company commador role checking for explosives ... God keep him safe ...

Best in the new year,


"I drink therefore I am"

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