New Poll: Do you like the new bulletin board forum?

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What do you think of the new Beer Tools bulletin board users forum?

Poll ended at Sat Dec 25, 2004 9:09 am

I think this is one of the best and most helpful forums on the entire web. BEER TOOLS RULES ! ! !
I think it's pretty good and the Beer Tools guys did a great job.
I think it is as good as any other forum out there.
No votes
I think it is just OK.
No votes
It is too complex and scares me, I wish we had the old one back.
No votes
I don't like it and won't use it.
No votes
Total votes : 5

New Poll: Do you like the new bulletin board forum?

Postby Azorean Brewer » Sun Sep 26, 2004 9:09 am

Hey team,

Many of us have migrated from the old forum to this new users forum. I am interested in finding out how people feel about the new forum. Please vote, and if there is something you don't like about it, post a reply, or post a reply telling us what you love about it ...

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