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Beer Photo Contest help

Postby Tom_C » Thu May 20, 2004 8:06 pm

I am writing this message in search of a little assistance. I am a home brewer and have loved this sight as my primary source of recipes for the past two years of my brewing experience. Recently I entered a contest sponsored by Harpoon brewery in Boston, MA. They are doing this contest in conjunction with a sales promotion of a summer time Hefeweizen they call "UFO" (unfiltered offering) I must admit it is a mighty tasty hef especially on a hot day. Not a surprise from such a great regional brewery though.

The contest is called "UFO sightings" They ask a picture be taken to capture the "UFO" experience. I entered the contest and now ask for your help, as fellow homebrewers, in winning this contest. The picture is of me sitting with my new born daughter enjoying a UFO while relaxing in my adirondack chair. If you look closley at her mouth it appears she has it wide open as if looking for some Hef herself...hence the caption "No Abby, Daddy's bottle." I assure you that this was completly coincedental and I did nothing other than sit down and have my wife take the picture, but this is certainly a note taken that I will have my hands full with her and my 2 1/2 year old in the future! Should I order the tap locks now for the home made kegerator?

Anyhow you can vote by going to the link below. I would appreciate all the support and votes of 5 I could get. Just one vote per person though. Thanks for your help! ... 5&stateon=

Happy brewing,

Tom C.
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