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Postby Freon12 » Tue Oct 28, 2003 3:52 pm

I remember when you first joined the fourm, and I am completly impressed with where you are now. The ancients no longer have to field any questions you can't answer!

I hope I have helped in some way on this, but now you no longer need us.(pround smile)

May the beer be with you.

Strong Ale
Strong Ale
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Awww shucks

Postby jayhawk » Tue Oct 28, 2003 4:15 pm

Thanks Steve. I am glad I can help pass on the great info I have learned from this forum. I would say that 80% of my brewing knowledge has been learned here, the rest experience with a little help from the odd book and my HBS guy. I started here a total greenhorn, and without the forum it would have taken me many more years to get to where I am now. You've certainly helped, Steve, as have all of the contributors. This forum rocks, and kudos to Jeff et al. who keep it running. This is a great hobby and one I will enjoy for a lifetime. Whenever I meet another homebrewer, I tell them to check out this site.

Homebrewers of the world unite!
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