chemical brew?

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chemical brew?

Postby Fraoch » Sun Jun 24, 2001 2:03 am

It's nearly always very humid here, and to aleviate and problems due to bugs getting into my beer ive got into the habit of adding a squirt of Sodium Metabisulphate solution to the brew when transfering to another vessel . I do this at 1/4 grav and when i put it into my maturing keg( and basically at any time i may have to lift the lid and thereby allow air to contaminate the beer. I,m wondering just how safe this stuff is .One sniff tells you its pretty acrid stuff plus i really dont like using it at all as its the only time anything other than pure ingredients are used.Anybody got a better way of keeping bugs out or know whether it leaves a residual deposit that eventually reaches the stomach?
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