a bunch of odd wheat conversion questions for vodka mash

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a bunch of odd wheat conversion questions for vodka mash

Postby beerbugger » Tue Jan 22, 2008 7:01 pm

Mashing malted grains is easy - even wheat if done correctly ... BUT ...
I am hoping to find some advice on cereal mashing raw wheat (if it's even necessary).
There is a ton of info on cereal mashing corn, rice, etc. is it the same for wheat?
To avoid the whole cereal mashing thing I have heard that you can use flaked wheat since it is already pre"cooked". Would I still have to use a ratio of malted grain like you would with a cereal mash to acheive proper conversion? Would I have to use special flaked wheat from a homebrewing store (none in my city), or would wheat flakes breakfast cereal do the trick?
I have also heard that plain old flour (like for bread) can be used without cereal mashing. Is this true?
I know this forum is more about beer and less about grain spirits, however the the mashing procedure and equipment is pretty much the same and even with a hobby as exiting and rewarding as all-grain brewing, sometimes we need to broaden our horizon's to maintain that "first kiss" appeal.
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