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Gyle > Priming > Corn Sugar

Postby firstbrew » Thu Dec 20, 2001 8:10 am

Working on another Partial-Mash Kit that came with corn sugar to prime.
After reading different resources I found that I can save a small amount of wort
before I pitch the yeast and then prime the bottleing bucket with the fresh wort that I saved.

Can someone tell me if they have ever run into a problem with this procedure ?

Thanks FB
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priming w/ wort

Postby arkiteqt » Thu Dec 20, 2001 3:33 pm

I have done that my last 5 batches. As long as the storage container is sanitized and you use the proper amount of wort it's great. My first batch was a little high in carbination, but that's because I used a little bit more than the formula had said to use. It really does make the beer taste better...
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Formula for amount of Gyle

Postby dartedplus » Thu Dec 20, 2001 4:42 pm

the formula for the amount of gyle to use is simple

quarts of gyle = (12 X Gallons of wort)/{(specific gravity - 1) X 1000}

so if you have 5 gallons of wort and a starting gravity of 1.060, it would be (12 X 5) / (1.060 - 1) X 1000
or 60/60 or 1 quart of gyle

if you use the balling scale, the formula would be as follows
quarts of gyle = 3 X gallons of wort / degrees balling.
It is important that the gyle be removed BEFORE the yeast is pitched and stored in a sterile container in the refrigerator.
Good luck!!!
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