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Question for Jeff @ beertools

Postby Fraoch » Fri Mar 01, 2002 2:08 am

When using the calculator for Black or Roasted barley does the calculator assume that the grain is crushed or uncrushed, added to the mash or boiled in the kettle/. The reason I ask is I have just chased the colour of stout up a very dark alley with the calculator and ended up with an extremely dark and malty brew. This is OK. but it does not therefore have the strength I had anticipated, but it is stout to say the least.
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The data used for the Calculator

Postby jeff » Fri Mar 01, 2002 3:59 am

The Calculator uses data that assumes standard brewing practice. Of course the color of malt, especially dark ones, can easily vary +-10% or more. Thus color is one of the hardest factors to predict, not only because of variations in malt, but also because of variations in process and brewing equipment. For example, you will have a darker beer if you boil on an electric stove versus a gas burner.
Regarding your crush, for special grains added to the brewing water before the boil, give the grain a mild crush just to break it into several pieces. If adding the grain to the mash, crush the grain as you do your base.
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