Want to get final analysis numbers into saved recipe

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Want to get final analysis numbers into saved recipe

Postby kevponce » Fri Dec 16, 2005 11:56 am

Hello Brewing Brothers and Sisters

I am using the Brew Tools and have a question. I create the recipe with the recipe generator - understand that. I then calculate it in the calculator and can save it with predicted numbers - got that too. But then when I analyze the beer using the numbers for FG at bottling there is no save mechanism to get the correct final numbers back into the saved recipe. So my recipes, in their "saved state" are incorrect and misleading. What am I missing or doing wrong?

I tried putting the recipe back into the calculator and realculating but for some reason my mash efficiency for one of my beers had already analyzed out at O%. (Extract by the way). So the software errors out and tells me my mash efficiency is wrong (0) and I have to put one in. So when I put in a default (guess) efficiency it changes my OG and FG to predicted again. I am stuck in a vicious circle of misbrewformation :?

Just for info the beer that says the efficiency is zero started at 1.052 and ended at 1.016.
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