O.G. Not as expected

What went wrong? Was this supposed to happen? Should I throw it out? What do I do now?

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O.G. Not as expected

Postby axslinger » Thu Apr 17, 2003 3:55 am

I just made a batch of XX-style beer from a recipe kit by Brewers Best. I was actually impressed witht the kit. It contained crystal malt, rice solids, Plain Amber LME, Light DME, bittering hops and finishing hops. (As well as yeast, caps, priming sugar and grain bag).

I followed the directions to the 'T', however my O.G. didn't match the instructions. It should be 1.040 to 1.042. I ended up with 1.050.

Any idea's why the discrepancy? As far as weights, this was a 5 gallon batch, 5.3 lbs extracts total, and 8 oz. rice solids.

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a couple

Postby fitz » Thu Apr 17, 2003 4:58 am

One thing is that gravities with extracts, especially liquid one are hard to judge. Another variable is water temp. One more is the way you read the hydrometer. It should be read at the level of the wort. Just make sure your yeast is done fermenting before you bottle, and don't go with a suggested F.G. The beer may be higher or lower on this that end also.
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