Increasing Body

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Increasing Body

Postby tony » Thu Mar 15, 2001 4:53 pm

I'm relatively new to brewing and my recipes so far
have had good flavor, but they lack body. They taste
thin! I've been using liquid malt extract recipes.
Would someone please give me some tips that would
help me increase the mouth feel of my brew?

Thank You!
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Postby brewdude » Sat Mar 17, 2001 4:11 pm

First you want to make sure your specific gravity
when you start to ferment is at the proper level,
too low, you add more malt, too high you can water
it down. The next thing you want to do to increase
body is to put something more than jsut malt in.
THis could be any of a lot of things depending on
the flavor your looking for. The first one that comes
to mind is rice (whole rice for all grain brewing and
rice solids or liquid for extract). There are many grains
that add body. Crystal malt, wheat malt, roasted malt are
just some. These will be grains that you can steep in your
brew pot when your preparing your extract (partial mashing).
It's really quite easy to do, don't be intimidated into
trying different things. I've made several batches where
till I was done I felt like I threw in everything but the
kitchen sink and they turned out real tasty. Experiment and
above all have fun!
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