fermentation slow

What went wrong? Was this supposed to happen? Should I throw it out? What do I do now?

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fermentation slow

Postby billt » Sun Jan 28, 2001 7:05 am

I brewed my first batch on 1/23 with a Brewers Best kit I got for Christmas. I brewed a Pale Ale using 6.6 lbs of Mutons light malt extract with Fuggles bittering and Kent Golding aroma hops. The recipe called for fermenting at 60-65F. I pitched the yeast at 61F at 10:30pm and fermentation was active at 4:30pm the next day when I got home from work(temp 62F.) The next day(36 hrs. after pitching) fermentation was faster than 1 bubble a second from airlock. But by 60 hrs. after pitching yeast fermentation began to slow to less than 1 bubble a second, and 80 hrs after pitching it apears to have stopped(58F.) I am wondering if the temp. drop is due to heat not being generated by yeast activity. I am slowly raising the fermenter to 62F to see if this prompts yeast activity and am considering taking a specific gravity to check degree of fermentation. Should I go ahead and open the fermenter or raise the temp and give it a couple of days. Note: I can see line on the fermenter the foam head left as well as the yeast sediment settled on the bottom. I would appreciate any advice you may have.
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type of yeast

Postby billt » Sun Jan 28, 2001 7:28 am

I used two packets of Mutons dry ale yeast.
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Check gravity

Postby jeff » Sun Jan 28, 2001 10:25 am

I have had complete fermentation within 48 hours with some of my batches. Your batch sounds like it has finished especially if you noticed activity within the first 24 hours. Two packets of dry active yeast in a 5 gallon batch likely can get the work done pretty quick.
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Muton's yeast

Postby Okami » Sun Jan 28, 2001 4:12 pm

I have had similar experience with Muton's
Dry ale yeast. I only used one pack, but the
temperatures and fermentation seeming to be
complete in only a couple of days was the same.
I was nervous the first time and took a hydrometer
reading three days in a row, but the last two
batches I made with that yeast I bottled or
transferred to the secondary fermenter after only
2 or 3 days in the primary with no ill effects.
Muton's seems to work fast.
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