Suggested fermentation temperature?

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Suggested fermentation temperature?

Postby cac97 » Wed May 25, 2005 1:59 pm

I brewed a 10 gallon batch of Triple 2 days ago. It was split into two carboys and one pitched with WLP500 (Trappist ale) and the other with WLP550 (Abbey ale). The fermentations started nicely, but I'm not sure what temperature to ferment with this yeast. I want to maximize the Belgian yeast flavor by using warm temperatures, but does anyone know what is too warm? They're going at 76-78 F right now and White Labs says the optimum temp is 72 max. Will I get bad flavors with this warm of temperature?
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You should be OK with the 550

Postby richanne » Wed May 25, 2005 3:38 pm

The fermentation temp for WLP550 should be 68-78 degrees. So long as you stay at or under 78 degrees, you should be OK. However, with the WL500 batch, you should be at or below 70 degrees. You very well may get off flavors with that yeast at so high a ferment temperature.
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