Attempting Strong, very red ale

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Attempting Strong, very red ale

Post by GoatsBeard » Sun Mar 02, 2003 1:02 pm

Can you please send me some pointers on how to achieve a very red shade in a beer. I am currently experimenting with roasted barley, but am not quite getting a powerful enough shade of red. I am attempting to make a very strong ale(around 8-9%) with a very red tone and extremely thick head. I have made two experimental batched using WLtrappist yeast, both have come out with a desirable fruity flavor, but with an almost medicinal after taste. Some people enjoy it, others find it over powering and odd. This brew is extremely experimental, I am not following any rules, but if you could give me some advice on creating a thicker, longer lasting head, deeper red color, and more fruity less medicinal undertones...I would be very thankful. I am brewing with extracts and steeping grains, 3 gallon boil.

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various shading techs

Post by Fraoch » Sun Mar 02, 2003 11:45 pm

a small amount of roast or black malt will certainly give you a darker red colour depending on how much you use.If you are also looking to add body to your beer then go witht the black malt as it has extract potential whereas the roast doesnt,you could also add some dark crystal, say 120 deg, or boil your extract for longer and maybe less water.Both crystal and black will give you more body,steep them at the higher end of mash temp to get maximum dextrins.As for good lasting head, this can be best achieved by longer conditioning,the longer the condition, the finer the bead and hence the denser the head,if in bottles, leave them longer,good couple of months, if in corny,prime at high pressure and leave for around 2 weeks or more, this'll give you a thicker head.
As for medicinal undertones, i suspect your sanitisation is to blame, in that your rinsing is not adequate.

Happy quoiffing!


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Medicinal after taste

Post by Raydownunder » Mon Mar 03, 2003 1:37 am

Hi GoatsBeard

Whats this taste you have is it ASTRINGENT a tannin like mouthfeel. Let me know.

Why don't you Lager your beer for say 4 weeks at 2C, as it's amazing what taste go away

Ray Mills

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