BobbyK...It is mostly the water.

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BobbyK...It is mostly the water.

Postby Brewer2001 » Tue Dec 03, 2002 4:00 pm


In my reply to your first question, Rheingold was a good example of this type of beer. It was a lager that was mashed with a large amount of corn in the mash. The 'dryness' and hop accentuation is the result of hard, Sulfate (SO4-) ions. The Rheingold brewery was in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn which was noted for its hard water. The original Schaffer brewery to the south in Greenpoint did not produce as 'dry' of a lager. I am not sure why, but they may have used different water or adjusted the mash water. Hard water,due to bicarbonate (HCO3)ions also tend to raise the pH.

Morale here is to adjust carefully.

I do not brew lagers but I would guess that the hops used would be German (Northern Brewer, Tettnanger,Hallertaueror Spalt) or German derivitive. Your on your own as far as the yeast.

Good luck and good brewing,

Tom F.
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