how can i add BrewVint Alcohol Boost ?

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how can i add BrewVint Alcohol Boost ?

Post by juice1113 » Sat Dec 03, 2011 4:41 pm

How do i add BrewVint Alcohol Boost to a recipe in Beer Tools Pro? It is 7.7 oz maltose and 6.3 oz glucose. I can't find maltose or glucose in the ingredient list. ... s_id=10137


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BrewVint Boost

Post by slothrob » Sun Dec 04, 2011 10:36 am

You can add this as a new adjunct. This will be easy if you know the exact OG contribution from the booster: you can just edit one of the sugars with the appropriate OG contribution by duplicating it in your Inventory and renaming it, or just pick one and edit the Original Gravity field.

You could also calculate the gravity contribution from the ingredients, but it depends on the form of Glucose that they used in there, and if they are referring to % by weight or % by gravity contribution.

However, if it adds 1%, then it is probably about the same OG contribution as Sucrose, which is listed as White Table Sugar under Adjuncts.

By the way, when brewing, you should be able to substitute either Table Sugar or Corn Sugar for the same effect, since this booster adjunct is just a mixture of simple sugars. Table sugar would be the cheapest option and would probably add an equivalent amount of alcohol per weight.
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