Rice Hulls

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Rice Hulls

Post by Legman » Thu Apr 09, 2009 7:42 pm

Thinking of my last attempt at making an Oatmeal Stout and my completely stuck mash, I picked up some rice hull at my LHBS.
I've never used them before and I'm not really sure how much to use or what to do with them. :?

Any advice would be great. Thanks.

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RE: Rice Hulls

Post by wottaguy » Thu Apr 09, 2009 8:48 pm

Hey Legman...

Some people say to soak them to get them wet and to rinse them off before using them in the mash.

I usually use a half pound per any 5 gallon batch and it always does the trick.
My last brew had 2 lbs of flaked maize and i added the half lb of rice hulls and had no problem with the runoff. I don't bother with soaking them but i'll add my strike water to the tun then throw a couple of hand fulls in get it wet then add a good portion of the grain then stir and mix well then repeat until all is in the tun.

This Saturday, I'll be brewing up an Apricot Wheat and will use a half lb of rice hulls just to be safe. Stuck mashes are no fun.

Hope this helps!

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Post by Suthrncomfrt1884 » Fri Apr 10, 2009 8:33 am

I used a lb of rice hulls in both of my belgian wit batches. I didn't bother with the pre soak either. I just mixed them up really well with my other grains and tossed them in. I didn't have a stuck sparge and the beer tasted great, so they must have done the trick.

The only reason I went with a lb. is because I had 4.5lbs of wheat malt, and 2 lbs. of flaked wheat. I didn't want to take a chance with that much wheat.
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Post by bfabre » Fri Apr 10, 2009 6:24 pm

We have a guy at our beer shop who constantly uses around 1-1 1/2 lbs of rice hulls per batch. In speaking with him he had a stuck sparge also. Now he uses the rice hulls with every batch containing flaked rice, barley, wheat etc. just a precaution. I have used this amount in some batches of mine too. Works great, I would highly recommend their use.

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