Farro/Emmer beer???

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Farro/Emmer beer???

Postby m_tt1987 » Sun Mar 15, 2009 10:44 am

Anybody ever brew with the italian grain called "Farro"? Technically, its actual name is "Emmer" and it is an ancestor of modern wheat. I cook at a restaurant that often includes farro on our menu so I've been working with the stuff for years. It only occurred to me recently that this might be a nice adjunct in a crisp, summer wheat beer. It's most commonly available as a dried, whole kernal; not unlike you would find wheatberries, quinoa, or any other whole grain in a grocery store/co-op. Obviously, the form typically available is unmalted.

I did a little research online only to find very little results. I only came across one blog describing a trip to Italy and someone enjoying an artisanal "100 percent farro beer: light golden color with a "head that could last 2 hours" and a fairly low ABV% (4%). Also, wikipedia notes that Emmer was one of the first grains domesticated and was used in the primordial "beer" that the Egyptians made.

I can only suspect that you would want to use a multi-step mash if using this grain. Anybody have any thoughts or ideas???
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Postby cozrulz » Sun Mar 15, 2009 4:43 pm

It would be alright to replace the wheat in the mash with the emmer, along with some 2-row to make either a wheat or wit.
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