In Search Of The DIPA Clone

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In Search Of The DIPA Clone

Postby shaggyt » Tue Dec 23, 2008 10:16 pm


I'm looking some help identifying a clone for Victory Brewing's Hop Wallop. I just tried it this past week and I have to say, it suits me very well...if I can brew this beer (or something darn close) I will have reached homebrew nirvana. Let me digress...

My googling has yielded very little on the subject. The closest I've found was a rough estimate for a 10 gallon batch...well beyond my capacity at the moment and not enough confidence to risk the $ on ingredients. The other problem is that Victory Brewing may not extend too far beyond the borders of Pennsylvania.

So here's what I can piece together so far:

Base Malt - German Pilsner, roughly 90% of the grain bill
Specialty malt - German Munich or Am. Crystal 10%

Hops - no clue here..very aromatic, more floral/pine than citrus/fruity (to me at least

Yeast - 1056 or WLP001...traditional ale yeast

This beer is 8.5% ABV...that's about all the info I could get from the bottle. It's also touted as Victory's homage to the hop harvest, which makes me think of wet hopping (which is out of the question for me).

Look forward to anyone's input for sure.

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