wood aged old ale

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wood aged old ale

Postby Bender » Tue Dec 09, 2008 10:54 pm

I plan on brewing (extract - 3 gal boil) a 19A Old Ale this Weekend and was wondering what any of you think of the recipe. As I still have time to go out and pick up additional ingredients, or just go with it. Note: I will also be aging this in the beer cellar for a few months at constant cooler temps with 3 oz of Hungarian Oak Chips (heavy toast).

10 lbs liquid pale malt extract ( 6 lbs at start of 60 min boil remainder at 30)
11 oz bottle of Lyles Golden Syrup (full boil)
1/2 lb of Crystal 60L
1/4 lb flaked corn (grains in muslin bag and temp to 160F steeped for 30 min)

1 oz Galena (13.1aa) Bittering 60 min
1 oz Kent Golding (4.5aa) 15 min
1 table spoon Irish Moss 15 min

Wyeast 1098 (starter made in advance)

will transfer to secondary approx 10-12 days add add chips and as Ron Popeil (sp?) says "set it and forget it!

any thoughts suggestions much appreciated
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