Cranberry Wheat Recipe ? ?

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Cranberry Wheat Recipe ? ?

Post by beerbugger » Wed Sep 17, 2008 3:29 pm

Does anyone out there know what the best procedure would be to make a cranberry wheat beer?

I have developed an AG honey wheat recipe which uses about 2/3 pale and 1/3 wheat malt that always seems to get rave reviews.
I plan to take a similar recipe, tone down the hops and flavor (and color) it with cranberries.

I have noticed that all of the recipes on BeerTools call for whole cranberries added either at the end of the boil or just directly to the fermentor. Several of the recipes posted make note of potential problems with pectin, solid separation and contamination.

Would it not make sense to just add cranberry juice at the end of the boil and avoid these problems entirely?

Could anyone suggest a good ratio of juice to wort?


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Cranbeery Ale Recipe

Post by chils » Sat Sep 20, 2008 8:07 am

I have a recipe in an older book (Homebrew Favorites) for Cranbeery Ale that goes like this.
3.75lbs. coopers light malt extract
3.3lbs. M&F amber malt extract
4lbs split cranberries
1.5oz. fuggles 60min.
.5oz. fuggles 10min.
2tsp. yeast nutrient
1tsp pectin enzyme
M&F dry yeast

I has you adding the fruit at the end of the boil and allowing it to steep for 1hr.Then cooling, adding yeast nutrient and pectin enzyme and stirring well followed by pitching yeast.Ferment w/ fruit 4 days then rack to 2ndry leaving fruit behind,let ferment 7 days then rack again & allow to clear for 7 more days.Age 2 mths.
Keep in mind this book is from 1994 so ingredients and procedure may be outdated. Hope this helps. :)

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Post by wizzardofboz » Wed Dec 03, 2008 9:12 pm

I made a cranberry wheat last year, i used whole frozen cranberries, mashed. 1/2lb in the boil (20min) 1/2lb in the fermenter. barely noticeable. I'd recommend using 2-3lbs.

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