Maris Otter vs English Pale

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Maris Otter vs English Pale

Postby andytv » Wed Mar 06, 2002 5:39 am

I noticed on St Pats website that their English pale malt is made from Maris Otter Barley. I was always under the impression that Maris Otter malt was a distinctly separate type. Can anyone clear this up.
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Postby Freon12 » Wed Mar 06, 2002 3:36 pm

I always thought that Maris Otter was a british malting company and not a particular malt, but that they produce British pale malt(2 row)by a certain method.
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Maris Otter is a barley variety....

Postby Mesa Maltworks » Tue Mar 12, 2002 11:35 am

Maris Otter is one of the two row English spring variety barleys that is prepared as a pale ale malt.

Due to the promotional prowess of one of the biggest users of this raw material, Crisp Malting Group, a lot of brewers assume it is always floor malted, but this is rarely the case. Crisp remains one of the few maltsters that still floor malt this barley variety. It is particularly well suited for use in Irish, Welsh, and English beer styles. Maris Otter is also available in extract syrup from Scotbrew and others.
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