acid malt

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acid malt

Postby Freon12 » Sun Dec 02, 2001 1:03 pm

Can anyone tell me the proper use for acid malt and high ph water?
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Acidulated Malt

Postby Mesa Maltworks » Tue Dec 04, 2001 10:28 am

Acidulated malt is made just like most base malts, but is steeped in an extra step to allow acid producing bacteria to "sour" the malt. It is similar to what happens to a wet mash if you leave it out overnight. Commercial production of this malt product originated in Germany where it is used to lower the pH of a mash without the use of chemicals so that the beer would be in compliance with the former Reinheitsgebot trade laws.

As far as using it, it is product dependant because each producer acidifies to a different level. And even then, the amount you would use in a mash will vary with the grist composition. So, you add some, let it rest for a certain amount of time, then measure the pH. If to high.. you keep adding and resting until you acidify the mash to your target level.

Me... I just use food grade phosphoric acid (as about 99% of commercial brewers do) to adjust the infusion and sparge water. It is very easy and inexpensive to do.
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