New yeast nutrient

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New yeast nutrient

Postby richanne » Fri Mar 18, 2005 2:08 pm

Has anyone else tried the new Servomyces yeast nutrient from White Labs yet? If so, what was your experience? We think it is absolutely wonderful! We got a finished gravity on our barleywine that is unheard of! Anyone else?
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Postby Mesa Maltworks » Sun Sep 04, 2005 12:27 pm

Sevomyces is actually not new... it was developed in Germany as a Reinhetz. compliant yeast nutrient in the 70's. It has been available under the Servomyces brand name from White Labs in 10 and 500 gram quantities to pro brewers for over 5 years. It only recently became available to home brewers because of the difficulty in packaging it in small amounts for that use. I only use 10 grams in 10 barrels (310 gallons) ! If you down calculate the amount required for 5 gallons, this gives you an idea how little is required to dose for 5 gallons. This amount would require a laboratory analyitical balance to weigh it out accurately which cost thousands of dollars!

Servomyces is mostly composed of dead yeast. There is a small amount of nitrogen added. It works very well. I have used it for 4 years with great results. It can trim up to 2 days off primary fermentation time. BUT... the overuse of it can create too much yeast mass which leads to a bunch of negative consequences that would take too long to mention here. This was the other reason that White Labs had been reluctant to release it to home brewers. Evidently, they worked it out, it just took a while.
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