Becks Clone

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Becks Clone

Postby sluggerdog » Sun Feb 13, 2005 6:09 pm


I am looking to make a Becks Extract Clone

Has anyone else done one before and if so how does the following look?

Becks Extract
- 3kg Unhopped Extra Pale Malt (LME)
- 500 grams of DME
- 40 grams Pearle Hops 6.8%AA (60 Min)
- 15 grams Hallertau Hops 6.6%AA (15 Min)
- 15 grams Hallertau Hops 6.6%AA (1 Min)
- White Labs German Lager Yeast (WPL830)

Original Gravity 1.047
Terminal Gravity 1.010
Color 3.16
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