Need opines on Barleywine recipe- Club Brew 2

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Need opines on Barleywine recipe- Club Brew 2

Postby jhaggard29 » Mon Jan 26, 2004 3:53 pm

OK so here is the final recipe for my club brew coming up at Yazoo Brewery in Nashville


6gal maris otter wort @ 1.100 provided by brewery. To this I'll add:

.75# British Crystal 55L
1# English Wheat
1# Cara-Pils

2.5 oz Northern Brewer 60 mins
.75 oz Fuggle 30 mins
.75 oz Fuggle 15 mins
.5 oz Fuggle 2 mins

Dry Hop with 2 oz Fuggle

Any thoughts for fine tuning? I plan to age this until Christmas or New Years, 2004.
Thanks in advance!
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Some Thoughts

Postby BillyBock » Thu Jan 29, 2004 7:53 am

I haven't made a barleywine yet, but I have made strong beers up to 8.5% abv. Here's a couple of thoughts from my experience:

- Since the final gravity will probably be somewhere around 1.025-1.030, you might not want to use cara-pils. The beer will have mucho body as it is. It would also add nothing in color.

- I can see where the sweetness provided by the crystal would get overpowered by the marris otter. Perhaps use a 1-3 ounces of chocolate malt to achieve the coloration you're looking for.

- I calculated about 90 IBUs from the hops, which looks good given the gravity.

- High gravity ferments will get warm, so control the temperatures to reduce fusel oil formations, which would also kill the head. The wheat should help with head retention. Consider adding a little more wheat (in place of carapils) to help with head retention. You should be able to add up to 10% (by gravity, not weight) and still have the wheat remain flavor neutral.

- Do you plan on force carbonating or naturally? If natural, you may have to dose with fresh yeast. I wanna make one :-) Good luck.

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A few

Postby fitz » Fri Jan 30, 2004 10:14 am

I like hoppy beers, but If you want to compare your brew with the Maredsous you stated you liked, I think you may be over hopping this a bit. One thing is that Belgians tend not to have a great deal in hop aroma, they let the alc and the blend of malt do the talking for them. Also, this beer will already have some good bite in the alc. department too much hops(even though some calculators will say it is off balance) will leave the brew a little rough, and increase the aging time. If you have changed your mind about the Maredsous, I guess these comments don't apply. For my Maredsous clone which I formulated, I took a Pilsner recipe, blended in much more malt, but laid off of the hops a bit. I think I only used 3.5 oz of the Hallertau/Saaz blend. I also didn't use finish hops because the Belgians I have tried didn't have much in a hop profile. It came out quite close to a Maredsous. A friend of mine whom got me started on the Belgians thought the flavor profile was quite close too. Enough so that he shared some with a friend of his that only drinks Belgians. His comments were favorable also.
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