Question for Jayhawk

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Question for Jayhawk

Postby Azorean Brewer » Sun Nov 09, 2003 1:39 am


Have you made the mocha porter? You had asked about the 120 Lov. Crystal amounts, and I have found recipes that call for as much as 1# each of Chocolate and 120.

I made the mistake of trying to improve an already great recipe on other's suggestions, foolish me, (never again). Let me know how it turns out and what specifics you used OK?


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Porter intrigue

Postby jayhawk » Sun Nov 09, 2003 8:29 am

Well Paul, I took the recipe as it was off the web a couple weeks back. For my 50L batch I used:
25# ESB (pale) malt,
2.5 # 60L crystal
2.5# 120l crystal
2.5# chocolate
2.5# black patent
2# rye flakes.

My only problem with the batch this round is that my propane tank ran dry with after only 50mins of boiling, so I think things are going to be a little underhopped.

I am a little confused about the status of your recipe. Is the current version that is on this site a revision of the original? When brew day came near, I didn't have my recipe collection with me, so I had to take your recipe off the web and go to the store. I was sure that I used your Mocha Porter recipe to brew that delicious batch a year ago. After I brewed this current porter, I found the recipe for the porter that I am trying to recreate. It is much different than the one that I used to brew two weeks ago. Here it is:

for a 23L batch:
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