Elderflower Beer Recipe

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Elderflower Beer Recipe

Postby Derek » Mon Jul 09, 2001 12:50 pm

Can anyone help with a recipe for Elderflower Beer? I've had bottles of it from tge Badger Brewery and it's really refreshing. I suppose a light bitter base would be a starting point for any recipe but how many elderflowers are needed?!
I'd be grateful for any help.
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flowers and hops

Postby Fraoch » Fri Jul 13, 2001 2:11 pm

havent made an elderflower but have made a very similar "heather" ale called "froach".It really depends on your taste, the batch i made was for a hot summer and so i used a pale ale type base with a small amount of fuggle or goldings in the boil with 3/4 cup dried heather and a further 1/2 cup steeped at end of boil for aroma and touch more flavour.It was very "heathery" filling the mouth with flavours of Scotland. When i do it again i'll probably keep to these amounts. iwouldn't risk dry hopping though as im not sure as to the sterility of the flowers.A bonnie brew!
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