chest freezer to lager cabinet questions

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chest freezer to lager cabinet questions

Postby bredmakr » Fri May 09, 2003 8:05 am

I have just acquired a chest freezer that will be dedicated to lagering, ingredient and beer storage. I have been looking at what is available from suppliers in the temperature control category and have noticed quite a range in prices and options (digital vs analog, pre-wired vs not wired, etc.). Does anyone have any recommendations on the type of control that is necessary and what works best with a chest freezer?
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Postby Freon12 » Fri May 09, 2003 2:52 pm

OOh OOh Pick me pick me!

I prefer the Johnson controls a19 series at $41.00us. It is remote and "digital" with a good amp rating for the switch inside. You can use it without drilling a hole due to the small wire and it is +- 3f. Also, the remote can be extended with two pair wire up to 50 feet.

You can use the power to the the original controller to power the unit and switch.(find out which is the hot and which is the neutral).

If your freezer is a frost free model, be sure to disconnect the defrost timer and if applicable the crank case heater due to the fact that the tempretures will be above freezing.

If you are keeping the freezer outside, you may want check if there is a fan to cool the condenser(outside coil).
If so, install a fan cycling control for winter use. The fan control will turn the fan off if the condenser pressure drops below a functional range, and turns it back on when it comes back into range.

If no fan, no big deal.

Hope that helps, good lagering.
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