Sanke keg fermenters?

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Sanke keg fermenters?

Postby Budcar » Tue Mar 18, 2003 3:06 pm

Anybody uses them and how are all your results with it!
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Sankementers... Possible...

Postby Mesa Maltworks » Wed Mar 19, 2003 10:51 am

You can use them, but you have to pull the beverage spear out of them which requires a special tool. Then you have to come up with a way to clean them adequately since you are stuck with a small hole for access and inspection. The only way I can think of to accomplish this is to use a 360 degree spray ball on a metal stem that will fit into the opening. A strong cleaner like PBW or TSP will have to be used and propelled through the spray assembly with a relatively high pressure pump. Don't exceed 150 degrees as a wash temperature or you will bind soil and minerals to the keg walls. After each alkaline rinse you will have to follow it with an acid rinse to preclude mineral and oxylate buildup. Sanitizing them can occur in 3 ways: 1) by spraying the sanitizer through the sprayball assembly, 2) completely filling them with a sanitizer solution (most costly) or 3) fill them completely with boiling water and held for at least 45 minutes (dangerous and time consuming, but if adequately clean, this method will render them sterile). If you choose the latter, the kegs have to be IMMACUATELY clean or any residual soils or minerals will be permanantly baked onto the surface. They can be inspected using one of those small "snake lights" that you get at hardware stores.

Good Luck !

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Prefabed Sankementers and Safety Burners

Postby Sven » Wed Mar 19, 2003 11:30 am

Check out this site. They do things with a keg that I didn't know was possible and Budcar in response to your question a few threads back they have a great 170K burner with a safety device built in for your sanke kettle
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Postby Budcar » Wed Mar 19, 2003 2:18 pm

Thanks for your info!
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cheap way to reseal Sankes

Postby Gregg » Wed Mar 19, 2003 5:44 pm

Check out look for the KegMan kit- Highly recommended!
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