out with the old....

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out with the old....

Postby bredmakr » Thu Feb 20, 2003 10:46 am

As part of my recovery from pac-rat-ness syndrom I bring the following offer to this forum. I have recently upgraded my mash/lauter tun. That means I now have a 5 gallon converted rubbermaid cooler mash/lauter tun for sale. Included in the deal are the Phil's sparger set up, Phil's false bottom, and ball valve. I also would like to upgrade my mill so my Phil's Mill (single wheel) is also up for grabs. The handle to the mill has been removed to use a drill to power the mill. Would like to sell it all together but will break up if necessary. The cooler also has a port for the installation of a weldless thermometer setup. The Fermentap thermometer is not included in this offer.
Anyone interested should send their bid/inquiry to bredmakr@hotmail.com. I can then provide pictures upon request.
When developing your bid take into consideration that I will be adding the cost of shipping to the final amount of the deal.
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