What kind of bottle is better?

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What kind of bottle is better?

Post by BMartin » Thu May 24, 2001 9:00 am

I use the bottle cap style of bottles. But I have seen ads for bottles that have "flip tops". Which of these is best...or maybe I should ask..which will last longest and be easiest to maintain?

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Flip Top

Post by maltvault » Thu May 24, 2001 12:15 pm

I use the flip tops when I make a specialty beer, harvest yeast, or want to give a beer away. They are so much easier to use, no capper, and the only thing is to replace the rubber once a month.

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Post by xbrewer » Fri May 25, 2001 2:40 am

Which style of bottle you want is really a matter of personal preference. Either style will work just fine as long as they are strong enough to hold the pressure. Just make sure you are using reusable bottles rather than the ones meant to be used once and discarded. The flip top bottles eliminate the hassle of using a capper but sometimes the wire toggle thing will weaken and not hold the top securely or slip of off the bottle when you try to seal it. These problems can usually be corrected by bending the wire with a pair of pliers. The rubber seals can be reused many times as long as they are sanitized each time. If begin to form cracks, they should be replaced.

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