Best Kegerator, Perlick? Commercial "Bar" Direct D

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Best Kegerator, Perlick? Commercial "Bar" Direct D

Postby Mettius » Wed Oct 08, 2008 6:30 pm


I'm putting a bar in my game room and want to put a "built in" direct draw kegerator which will support several kegs. I have a pair of Heir Kegerators but they suck (ice up and leak. I had to put laundry washing machine drip pans under them to keep them from trashing my wood floor).

I want to be able to support 4-6 5 gallon kegs.
These Perlick units look attractive, and don't require plumbing, but man they are insanely expensive (at least to me).

They also have a commercial line, but from the specs it looks like they require some sort of floor drain...

I was wanting to keep costs at $2,000 or less. Any suggestions?

Bottom line, I want something which is:
Vents to the front,
Won't leak water on my floor,
can be installed under a counter top.
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Postby McGuireV10 » Tue Oct 28, 2008 8:34 am

I have a monstrous 5-keg DD78E BeverageAir, but it leaks water and I have to shop-vac the moisture out of the bottom of it every week or so (about 1/2+ gallon of water a week). Fortunately it's in a concrete-floored "mud room" area (the lines run through the wall and the faucets are built into the kitchen counter over a small bar sink).

It never occurred to me that it wouldn't just evaporate the water like a regular fridge does, that was a pretty disappointing discovery.

Since this thing is about six or seven feet long and weighs almost 600 pounds (we used an engine hoist to get it up to floor-level from the garage), I'd rather not ever move it again, so I've wondered if an evap system could somehow be retrofitted...
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