should I replace my kegs?

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should I replace my kegs?

Postby bredmakr » Thu Jun 13, 2002 10:48 am

I have two cornelius kegs that I have been using for two years and I just noticed that one of them has developed rust stains on the exterior at the location of a ding in the side of the keg. On the interior I can see the ding but there is no staining. Should I be concerned about my kegs deteriorating? Should I replace my kegs?
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Corni kegs

Postby Freon12 » Thu Jun 13, 2002 4:24 pm

I Have several Corni kegs at 5gals. I have replaced seals and o-rings on all of them. I have no idea how old they are but, one has a "TAB" sticker on it circa 1978. Since they were designed for commercial use I should think they will outlast us all.(unless you hear hissing sounds coming from the ding spot).
P.S. Due to the wonderful corni keg, I have never bottled, washed bottles, bought caps, broken any bottles, used a bolltling bucket, spilled my beer while bottling or stirred up any sediment for the pour. Cool huh?
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Postby Brewer2001 » Thu Jun 13, 2002 9:53 pm

Just a suggestion. You might need to have the keg passivated and pressure tested. It is true that we generally do not use 'high' pressure but it could be nasty if the pressure builds and the keg ruptures. If you (or find someone that can) passivate the stainless you might save the keg. I have serviced fire bottles that are required to be pressure tested every 12 years, so a fire equipment shop may be able to run the test. It may be more cost effective to replace it.

Good luck.

Tom F.
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