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eek mice!

Postby warthog » Thu Feb 15, 2007 12:47 pm

one of the reasons that i brew beer is to save money, another is because i make better beer than what is readily available here behind the zion curtain.

of course saving money is good, its also fairly easy. for example: newcastle brown ale costs about $2.35/bottle (~$25/gal) at the state liquer store, where i can make a 5 gallon batch of english brown for about $22 ($4.40/gal - $0.41/bottle), and my brown is more popular than the newcastle at parties.

consistency is my greatest challenge (beyond actually tying my shoes, that is). my setup is a fairly simple 'armstrong' brewery. i have the best thermometer that i can afford, i set my sparge rate with a stopwatch and a measuring cup, i have 4 different timers going at anyone time. and i'm taking care of 1 or both of my kids.

i've thought of automating the whole process. making my own herms or rims. this would actually be pretty simple for me, given my line of work. i could do it for relatively cheap too. here's the kicker though.

i like the manual method.

brewing is a hobby. i devote a day to brewing a batch of beer. i run around like a headless chicken; weighing this, timing that, measuring another thing, making funny faces at the baby. its all good. i personally don't think it would much fun to push a button and come back 2 weeks later an pour a pint of whatever...

it'd be cool.

i'd love to make a true ag beer machine. big bag 'o grain in one end, fermented, carbonated beer out the other end (i can make one, anyone with a spare $10K?).

i personally feel that homebrewing is an art. i enjoy serving my brews to friends. i am proud of the beer i make (usually). too many gadgets, and i think that feeling would go away.
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Re: eek mice!

Postby soyousee » Thu Feb 15, 2007 1:30 pm

warthog wrote:.

I could not agree more or have said it better!!
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Can I Get an Amen

Postby brewmeisterintng » Thu Feb 15, 2007 7:12 pm

Warthog, I share your views on brewing. Yes, I enjoy and am proud of my beer. I enjoy learning and refining my craft but "I" not a machine made this beer. Yes, brew day lasts for approx. 6 hours but I enjoy every minute. I don't have to make faces at the baby but none the less I always look forward to the next brew day. I don't think I would lessen the experience by means of automation. We brewers strive for consistency but if that means less control over the process, I will be a little inconsistent.
I really enjoyed the grain at one end beer at the other bit.
By the way, is your New Castle recipe posted? My brother would be grateful.
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