My kids just gave me a kegging system for Christmas

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Post by BurninBrewer » Tue Dec 30, 2008 3:11 pm

This is the exact kit I got....

and CO2 tank: ... 2/C5.shtml

because as much as I love to support my local HBS I couldn't see spending around a hundred dollars more than I could get this kit for online, at the very least the picture in the first link will show you everything you should have for your conversion. Comes with full picture instruction pamphlet and everything. The conversion itself was real easy just make sure you use the right type of drill bit to go through the door as regular spade styles tend to crack the plastic on the inside of the door instead of making a clean hole.

The 2 pepsi kegs I did get from my HBS and they clean/sanitize and pressure test all of their kegs before they sell them, plus they gave me an entire rebuild kit for the valves and main seal with the purchase of each keg.

Glass carboy's are definitely a plus, I use them for my primary and secondary(since I dry hop everything) but I also bought mine before prices went up on them.

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